It’s International Women’s Day. Women Around the World Are Striking.

As such, the Icelandic NAPs have been interpreted in a largely worldwide way, looking for to implement UNSCR 1325 and coordinate activities associated to humanitarian, diplomatic, peacekeeping and development. Blöndós – Fortune tellers and pristine pools Visit the Museum of Prophecies the place a fortune teller will ‘predict’ your future using ancient runes.

Empowering women tour to Iceland

In order to ensure solidarity throughout the political spectrum, the June convention agreed to urge women to “take a day off” as a substitute. In reference to the UN origins of International Women’s Year, they chose United Nations Day — October 24 — for a Kvennafrí, or a Women’s Day Off. Nonetheless, as historian Kristín Svava Tómasdóttir notes, the day has regularly been referred to as the Women’s Strike, or Kvennaverkfall. The Icelandic preparations for this “International Women’s Year” started in early 1974. The movement was on the Left, in comparison with more established women’s associations, and leaned even further this way as increasingly socialist and communist women joined.

The audit additionally confirmed that equal pay was maintained no matter nationality. Equal Times is a trilingual news and opinion web site specializing in labour, human rights, tradition, growth, the surroundings, politics and the financial system from a social justice perspective. The whole point of the demonstration was that womens traditional choices of labor such as caring for kids, the sick and the aged must be thought-about just as valuable as typical male fields of employment.

In 1975, Icelandic women who labored outdoors the house earned less than sixty percent of what men would get for the same job. So, when the United Nations introduced that 1975 can be International Women’s Year an concept sparked inside the Redstockings women’s group to strike as one of the honorary occasions celebrating the International Women’s Year. All of this impressed me to formulate a portrait project that may profile Icelandic women throughout my journey across the country.

The Icelandic language isn’t the easiest, there isn’t a way around that fact. However, even so, many parents from different countries are now deciding to name their kids using Icelandic names. Most of them after having beforehand visited Iceland on a memorable trip.

The fight for ladies’s rights in Iceland has most actually been a journey, with many u-turns and backlashes but in addition victories and delightful moments stuffed with hope and optimism. However, when it comes to tourism, the famous tale of the island within the north where everyone seems to be a promiscuous super model has proven difficult to overcome.

Iceland gathering presents uncommon glimpse of matriarchy

This was done in 2016, in partnership with considered one of Iceland’s largest unions. The Reykjavik Big Band premier’s new compositions written particularly for the band by Icelandic female jazz composers.

It covers info on population, media, schooling, labour market, wages and earnings and positions of influence presented in figures and diagrams. They show the number of statistics by sex obtainable on the Statistics Iceland’s web site.

“The reality is that girls are paid lower than men in each nation on the planet. In each her TED talks, Halla Tómasdóttir mentions how rising up in Iceland inspired her to repeatedly work towards gender equality. Starting as an underdog candidate, Tomasdottir ran for President in 2016. She got the second most votes in a crowded subject of candidates, regardless of polls exhibiting that she had 1% help some forty five days earlier than election day.

Employers within the Nordic nation now have to prove that they pay men and women in the identical jobs equally. One Icelandic woman — a streamer on Twitch who goes by Sanxyra — informed BuzzFeed News that, seemingly overnight, a lot of her female pals had been being inundated with good friend requests and messages on Facebook. The hanging women achieved their objective of demonstrating the importance of their work, at all ranges from residence to office, to the well being of the nation. While this was their major aim, and it even led to the passage of an equal rights bill, this bill did little to change the wage disparity and employment alternatives for girls in the quick run. Iceland is a signatory to numerous international conventions on human rights, in particular the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the Council of Europe’s European Convention on Human Rights.

Iceland accredited equal inheritance rights for women and men in 1850. Yet, women I met on my journey were also clear that the country has an extended method to go. They nonetheless have less economic energy than men – solely 22% of managers are women; solely 30% of specialists on TV are women; and women still earn round 14% lower than men. Iceland’s record on all of these fronts is better than most countries; in the UK, women’s hourly pay is 18% lower than men.

The association works to strengthen the status of ladies in politics and public workplace and to extend the variety of women in politics, public office and the judicial system. The association works for equality in public administration, for example gender mainstreaming and gender budgeting. The vast majority of parliament was in agreement with this limitation on women’s suffrage, and male farm-labourers, who had not had the vote, have been now lumped together with women. A number of members spoke in favour of women’s age restrict, and the arguments had been all similar in nature.