8 Ways to Restore Male Power – All About Treating Impotence
Since erectile dysfunction in adolescence is often caused by the action of negative factors, the basis for the treatment of this age category is psychotherapy (more about the treatment of impotence at a young age). With impotence, the young man is recommended to make changes in his lifestyle: to establish nutrition, increase physical activity, completely abandon bad habits.

If erectile dysfunction is caused by a low level of testosterone or a malfunction of the thyroid gland, hormonal drugs prescribed by an endocrinologist are used.

Treatment of impotence in the elderly
Medicines traditionally used to solve problems in young men will not show the expected effect with erectile dysfunction in an aging body, they will show side effects, causing an exacerbation of existing chronic diseases. Therefore, the choice of treatment strategy for impotence in the elderly is based on existing somatic and neurological diseases.

Features of the treatment of impotence in diabetes mellitus type 1 and 2.
Features of the treatment of certain types of impotence

Weak potency, flaccid penis, lack of a long erection is not a sentence for a man’s sex life, but a signal that the body needs help and male strength weakens. There are a large number of drugs that help a man gain a stable erection for sex, but all have their drawbacks and contraindications, especially if the man is already 30-40 years old. Capsules for potency POTENCIALEX not only help to get an erection HERE AND NOW, but act as a prevention and accumulation of male power, allowing the man to remain sexually active for many years!
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The treatment strategy for erectile dysfunction is selected depending on the etiology and pathogenesis of the disease. With the psychogenic type of disease, the basis of treatment is the methods of psychotherapy and psychological counseling (read more here). With neurogenic impotence, a neurologist is connected to the treatment. In some cases with erectile dysfunction, consultation with a traumatologist and orthopedist will be required. If there is a suspicion of benign or malignant brain lesions, an examination by a oncologist is recommended.

With the endocrine form of impotence, the treatment regimen is compiled by the andrologist and endocrinologist. If the loss or weakening of potency is caused by vascular disorders, the patient man is referred for consultation to a cardiologist, neurologist, vascular surgeon. Restore male power in the urological form of impotence can treatment program developed by a urologist and nephrologist. If the absence or deterioration of an erection in a man is a side effect of the pharmacological agents used to treat the underlying disease, it is necessary to adjust the treatment program, excluding the use of drugs that cause sexual weakness.

We talked about the main causes of weak erections in this article.
Types of therapy for impotence
The treatment of erectile dysfunction requires an integrated approach and the choice of therapeutic measures for each individual man. It begins after a thorough study of the patient’s history, delivery of clinical tests, examination by narrow specialists. Usually, with erectile dysfunction, medical work is carried out in several directions: drug treatment, hardware intervention, surgical intervention and prosthetics, physiotherapy, psychotherapy. Viagra for women where to buy?

Drug treatment of impotence
For the treatment of patients with impotence, phosphodiesterase inhibitors with the active substance tadalafil are used, for example: Cialis (Cialis). Numerous clinical studies have confirmed the safety and high effectiveness of the drug in the treatment of erectile dysfunction.
To improve the indicators characterizing the sexual sphere of a man, therapy with endotheliotropic drugs – activators of NO synthase is carried out, for example: homeopathic medicine Impaza (Impaza).
With the psychogenic and mixed origin of impotence, men of mature age (30, 40, 50 years) are recommended to take a long dose (up to 10 weeks) with a repeat of the treatment with selective alpha2-blockers, for example: yohimbine hydrochloride (Yohimbin Hydrochloride).

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